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Beauty in Simplicity

The art of living with a laid back luxury

The art of living with a laid back luxury

Beauty in Simplicity

The art of living with a laid back luxury

The art of living with a laid back luxury

Inspired by the raw beauty of the Cretan landscape

Nuez Villas are a real proof that there is beauty in simplicity. The creators behind this brand new project were inspired by the natural surroundings as well as the raw beauty of the Cretan landscape. The exposure to the sea, the feeling of the salty air along with the earthy and balmy scents of the local aromatic herbs blend harmoniously with the architecture language of the two properties.

Ground level villa

Ground Villa

Two Storey Villa Sunset

Two Storey Villa

A mix of organic fabrics, cotton and linen adorn the bed and the curtains, while the wooden furniture and earthy color patterns, create a private relaxed sanctuary

Ground Level Villa Master Bedroom
Two Storey Villa Master Bedroom
Melina Xenaki Pottery
Ground Level Villa Master Bedroom View

Ground Level Villa Bedroom

“The sense of tranquility and relaxation is enhanced thanks to the wooden furniture, the mortar floor and the contrast between the neutral grey, the sand & ivory tones

Having the wandering soul of our guests in mind, we created a setting that invigorates our senses and welcomes us to experience unique moments of mindfulness and complete tranquillity.

The natural surfaces and a soothing shades palette is consistent in the bathrooms where the built in bathtub and the luxurious rainfall showers elevate the alluring ambience of the interiors. Add an extra layer of depth the black metal finishes, offer a sleek and a minimalistic feel.

Ground Level Villa Living Bathroom
ground level villa living room

“Moving from outside to the indoor spaces, the concept of indoor-outdoor living is translated into a structure with massive sliding doors that connect the inside with the landscape and give the illusion of living in nature

Nuez Resort Wear

Our first collection is proudly made and designed in Greece. We have carefully selected premium and natural fabrics like crispy linens and the soft to touch viscose. The idea was to produce finest quality garments that embody a luxury feeling and the long lasting essence.

Nuez Resort Wear

Rediscover harmony relaxation and inner peace. Energize and renew the body and mind in an atmosphere of total tranquility.